Un été allemand




Déjà le mois d’août…

Le moment de l’année où la maison me manque. Vivre à l’étranger, c’est super cool et je ne regrette aucunement les choix que j’ai du faire pour aboutir en Allemagne. Ceci dit, le Québec est vraiment magique en été et c’est difficile de ne pas s’en ennuyer. Festivals, fête de ci, fête de ça… Facebook me rappelle constamment à quel point les Québécois ont du fun de s’temps-là!

Bien heureusement, nous sommes vraiment occupés par ici et je n’ai pas vraiment le temps de m’ennuyer. Avec le patin, le gym, Demande générale, Brilliance & Melrose, le blog et tous les autres médias sociaux, les journées passent super rapidement… quasiment trop rapidement.

En plus de tout ça, le fait que je risque de passer la majorité des étés de ma vie au Québec me pousse à profiter pleinement de cette belle opportunité allemande. Musés, plages, cafés locaux, lieux historiques, pays voisins… Malgré mon horaire chargé, j’essaie de voir le plus de choses possible et j’accumule une foule d’expériences qui vont me suivre pour le reste de mes jours. Pas de temps pour la paresse! 

Vous trouverez ci-haut quelques photos de mes plus récentes aventures. Comme vous pouvez le remarquer, il y a maintenant des jours ‘sans maquillage’ à mon horaire. Ma peau est lourdement massacrée par le maquillage de spectacle combiné à la sueur et les crèmes ne suffisent plus! Ohhhh well…

Bonne journée!

Marie xxx


Fila X Levi’s

levis t-shirtWhat’s up with those 2 brands?!

Since the Summer weather kicked in, they are everywhere! I’m not quite sure if the phenomenon is happening only in Germany, but I easily see 10 people per day wearing that Levi’s Jeans white t-shirt →

I can understand the popularity of their classic jeans collection since Gigi, Bella & Kendall have been promoting it quite a bit lately, but the white t-shirt? Interesting.

As of Fila, the brand was pretty popular in Canada when I was a kid, but it slowly faded out & most of the stores closed up about 15 years ago. I remembered the brand being super popular in South Korea when I was there 3 years ago, but I believe it’s only normal since the headquarter is located there. Now that Urban Outfitters & ASOS are carrying the collection, it feels like wearing Fila is cool again, at least in Germany.

What do you think about that?! xx


Time to Help!

IMG_8526This kid… last week… at the show…

4 years old, very pale, no hair, mask on, clearly exhausted… Seeing a smile on her face at the end of the show as she was taking pictures with us is the exact reason why I do this job. I had goosebumps all over my body.

I’ve been wanting to organize events to help the little angels like that & this was the kick in the butt I needed to make it happen. Life has always been good to me. Lovely family, fun job, great friends, health… Even if things are far from being perfect, I am pretty lucky to have what I have it’s about time I start to help those who don’t have that luck.

Before the end of the Phantasialand season, I would like to organize an evening including:

  • Sale of second-hand clothes & accessories … My friends & I have way too many clothes here in Germany, there’s no way we will be able to take all of it back home when the time comes. Selling some pieces for a great cause is certainly the best way to meet the luggage weight limit!
  • Cupcakes …Who doesn’t like cupcakes?
  • Cocktails …Who doesn’t like cocktails?
  • Beer & vodka … Just so we can get a bit of money from the Russian boys as well ;-)
  • Maybe a bit of entertainment …Why not? We’re all artists after all!

I tried to find a local cause, but I haven’t been very successful since I don’t speak German. About that, I’ve been in Germany for more than a year & I didn’t learn the language at all. Didn’t even try. Extremely low class, I know, and that’s another reason why I feel like doing something respectful for the community isn’t going to hurt…

So, German speaking people, I have a few questions for you! Which cause should we support? Where would be the best place to host that event? Do we need a special license to organize an activity like that? Anything else I should now?

Wanna give some clothes or accessories? Wanna help? Awesome! Please let me know & I will be more than happy to add you to the team.


Marie xx

Time to Shop!

DG dress
How cute is this?!

Hey hey!

I didn’t get to ask, how do you like our Summer collection?!

Once again, we worked really hard to create the perfect stylish basics.

Once again, our fabrics are beyond amazing.

Once again, every style fits like a glove, in all sizes, for all types of body.

Multi-tasking between skating & fashion isn’t always easy, but it’s always fun to see the results! I’d love to share a little more about the work ethic behind the combination of all the projects I am working on right now, but there are no words to describe it. Sometimes, you just need to stop complaining, suck it in & get it done!

DG kaki
Wearing khaki is always a good idea. Shop here!

Ideas, suggestions, comments?! Can’t wait to hear all about it :-)

Marie xxx

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Spirit!

Weight is a sensitive topic for most of us, especially in show business. Speaking for myself, the way I look on the ice has a direct impact on my paycheck & staying fit has been one of the biggest challenges of my career.

Here’s the story. Back to my competitive years, I was 115 pounds. By the time I finished my first tour, I was 128 & at some point in my early 20’s, I went all the way up to 140 pounds. Gaining 25 pounds was obviously not fun, especially that I was being weighed twice a month & I was not supposed to be over 130 pounds. To be fair, I was working out a lot at this time, so the weight I was putting on was not only fat but still… I honestly didn’t know what to do to fix this & my relationship with food became very funky.

After all this madness, a few years later, I started to work in an office & skating became more of a hobby/side job. Weirdly, the stress of being an adult kicked in & I started to melt like crazy. I felt like eating was optional since I was not as active anymore & after a few months of office work, I was 110 pounds. Was it any better? Not at all. I was for sure more comfortable in my body, but always tired & always sick. So annoying…

Eventually, being an adult wasn’t as stressful anymore & I slowly started to gain weight again. Soon enough, I was back to 130 pounds, but this time, muscles were out of the picture. I had a full power office shape! After working out so hard for so long, I could clearly feel that my body was weaker & it was so uncomfortable… Ouf…

And here we are now, 11 years later. Obviously, I’m not proud of all the peaks & valleys my body went through over these years. I am however happy to say that I finally found a way to balance my lifestyle. If only I could have figured that out earlier…

Facetune (4)Going to the gym early in the morning has definitely been a game changer for me. Working out 4 times a week at 7:00 am does not only change the way my body looks, it also changes the dynamic of my whole life. By 8:30, I am bright awake & ready to conquer the world! In addition to that, there’s no way I can train this much & skate 18 shows a week without eating properly. So, as a result, I am back to 115 pounds, more comfortable than ever on my skates & extremely focus on my business plan. Win win win!

It’s kinda crazy to think that I kept gaining weight while I doing everything I could to get skinnier, but I ended up losing 25 pounds while I was only trying to get stronger & healthier. Pssst… I will certainly not complain about it!

With all that said, because of the most recent changes my body went through, I had rework my skating skills a little, reason why I’m sharing this new skating video with you today.

I hope this story will inspire you a little to take better care of yourself because, in the end, our body is the most important thing we own.

PS: Please excuse my French xx


Black is the new Black

blackWearing black is always a good idea. We know that.

I must say that I had no intention to be cute when I slipped into that plain black dress this morning. In fact, I was feeling very sweaty & disgusting because of the heat… rushing between fashion work & skating practice… not a bad morning, but you know… not the best either…

Weirdly, as soon as I got to work, at least 3 people told me I looked good in that dress & the compliments kept going my way the whole day… Really?! We’re talking about an 8€ basic dress from Primark… The proof that sometimes, less is more!

Being honest, it made me realize how powerful the color black can be. Anyhow, it’s not because my dress was a bit boring that all the black outfits have to be boring! Here are a few cute pictures I found on Pinterest. It inspires me a lot, hope it will inspire you as well :)


Marie xx

Et la gagnante est…


Noémie Campagna!!!

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Cheers from the beach!

Marie xxx

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La Haye: Une ville à découvrir


IMG_8917.JPGLa  Hollande est un pays vraiment… ouvert d’esprit. L’âge légal pour boire de l’alcool est 16 ans. La marijuana est légale. La prostitution aussi… On aurait tendance à croire que la légalisation de tous ces vices mène à la débauche. Dans les faits, le taux de criminalité ne cesse de chuter, tellement qu’ils ont récemment fermé une prison à cause du manque de prisonniers…

Cette ouverture d’esprit est palpable au niveau légal, mais aussi dans l’ensemble de la culture hollandaise. L’atmosphère est détendue et les gens sont compréhensifs, même l’architecture respire le bonheur. Le fait que La Haye ne soit pas une ville super touristique comme Amsterdam ou Rotterdam est aussi intéressant.


Musée, cafés, plage, cocktails et un spectacle super cool. C’est ce que nous avons eu le temps de faire en un jour!! Une ville que je recommande à toute personne à la recherche de nouveaux endroits à découvrir.

Facetune (2)

Bonne journée!

Marie xx

Like Your Mom!

Most people have to dress up to go to work every morning. Unfortunately …or fortunately for some people…dressing up in the morning isn’t a mandatory thing for showgirls. No matter how we look when we arrive at the ‘office’, in no time we have to take off our cute clothes, go crazy on makeup & start to sweat! In fact, it feels pretty good to wear sweatpants before & after that madness.

So, to make it a bit more interesting, about a month ago, the Phantasialand girls started an outfitting challenge. Every night, we were agreeing on what we were going to wear the next day. After a little while, we realized how fun that was & we decided to involve our mothers in the challenge.

Eva’s mom is in California, Lina’s mom is in Budapest, Michelle’s mom is in Florida, Hjordis’ mom is in Toronto, Katja’s mom is in Estonia & my mom is in Quebec… I have to say that it’s pretty cool to see all of them sending us pictures of what they wear every morning. Even Katja’s baby is on board!!!! 

More pictures to come…

Have a nice day!

Marie xxx