Phantasialand; I Wish we Could Have Something Like That in Montreal!

IMG_1946aMontreal is & will always be my favorite city of all, but I must say I wasn’t expecting to love Brühl that much. It is such a good feeling to be part of an organization like Phantasialand! About that, I honestly wish we could have a cute touristic place like that at home.

As soon as you get in the park, no matter where you look, it’s pretty. Everything is color coordinated; the buildings, the rides, the employees… Even the cleaning ladies have cute little outfits that match their work areas…

In fact, the 28 hectares of the park are separate in 6 lands & every land represents a different part of the world. The cultural representation is pretty accurate; The tacos in the Mexican area taste almost the same as those in Mexico City & the Chinese area looks like a clean version of the old Shanghai, with the huge disgusting fishes and all

Obviously, the rides are the main reason why people come to the park. There’s plenty of them & luckily, the line-ups are never too crazy.

BUT, being an artist myself, my love goes to all the shows & artistic activities happening everywhere. Production show, jump show, ice show, a bunch of acrobatics craziness, etc, etc… There’s so many things going on.. Click here to know more about it!

Little secret: I couldn’t understand the purpose of the jump show very much until the moment I watched it next to a 4 years old boy.. WOW.. The little dude was sooooo impressed!!! That day, I realized how smart it was to have crazy jumpers on bikes & fancy jumpers on the ice…

* Rain * Rain * Rain *

Yeah.. About that.. We are in Germany & it does rain fairly often.. The good thing is that the rides are working no matter the weather! However, here is the outfit you may wanna wear if ever you come over here;
Something light in case the sun shows up.
Rain boots.. For obvious reasons…
Warm layers… Because you never know..


Enough now, see you soon!

MP xoxo

Crédit photo: Vanessa Marx


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