European Gorgeousness; Augustusburg and Falkenlust Palaces, Brühl


There’s honestly nothing I don’t like about being a pro figure skater (*except foot pain*) & traveling like crazy is for sure the very best part of it. These days, I am living 5 minutes away from that gorgeous castle, which is a UNESCO cultural World Heritage Site.

The huge baroque house was built from 1720 to 1749 & was used as a reception hall by the German president at the time Bonn was the capital of the western side of Germany.

Fashion wise, I am obviously having a blast shopping here! I am literally addicted to the cute Italian designer boutique I found in Cologne (actually the place I bought this black dress).

It’s also lovely to go to Zara since everything is much cheaper than in Canada. That grey jacket was only 50 euros!! All of this mixed with everything I bought in Montreal before coming here (lots of La maison Simons),my wardrobe is starting to look like something!

Crédit photos: Vanessa Marx



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