Ôôôô Canada… 10 Facts About my Beautiful Country


I’ve been living with 2 canadians, 3 americans,  2 hungarians, 1 czech, 1 russian, 1 british, 1 austrian for over 4 months now, and the more we talk about our cultures, the more I think that Canada is la crème de la crème.

Why? Here’s why;

1. Equality

The section fifteen of the Canadian Charter of Rights is pretty clear on that. White, black, asian, man, woman… None of this matter.

2. International relationship

We love them, they love us!

3. Education

Every single kid in the country goes to school until they are 16, no matter where they come from or how they feel about it. Public school are just as good as private ones & the government is giving extra help to the less wealthy families. It might explain why Canada is the world’s most educated country.


4. Public services

Our healthcare system is not perfect, but at least we got one. Public transport is decent, roads are ok, cities are clean… You know… Things are working just fine.

5. Seasons

Every country has weather problems. The girl from Florida complains about tornados & alligators.. European people have to deal with a loooooot of rain.. Snow  is clearly our issue, but at the same time, going through a couple of rough winter days makes the sunny days even more enjoyable.

6. The gay situation

It is super weird to hear that it is dangerous to be gay in Russia because for us, it’s not even a thing. As long as you are happy, we are happy!

7. Water

20% of the freshwater of the world is in Canada and in most places, the quality of the tap water is better than the bottled water.

8. Our Prime Minister

He’s cute, smart, logical & he understands that we are not in 1900’s anymore. That’s all we need.

Liberal Leadership Results Announcement. L'annonce des résultat
Liberal Leadership Results Announcement. L’annonce des résultats du leadership. Ottawa, On. Apr 14, 2013. (Photo: Adam Scotti)

9. Bilingual & proud to be!

Even if most of the time people speak French or English (less than 18% of the population speaks both), it is still an amazing advantage to be seen on the international scene as a country who speaks 2 of the most important languages of the world. Very weird to see that all the German websites are available only in German…

10. Our stars & athletes

Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Coeur de Pirate, Nickelback, Shania Twain,  Simple plan, Cirque du Soleil, Wayne Gretzky, Eugenie Bouchard, Patrick Chan…

Happy Canada day!

MP xoxo


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