Dear Fat, Prepare to Die…


Up for a challenge? Perfect, me too.

I gained a bit of weight in July (2 kilos to be exact) & I didn’t really see that coming. I honestly thought that my exercising / skating / eating schedule was on point. Well, with 18 ice shows a week & T25 every weekday, I thought I didn’t have to watch what I was eating too much. Of course, I was super wrong.

Feeling fit is something that goes beyond superficial appearances. The goal here isn’t to be prettier, but to feel better. People are telling me that I gained muscles, but let’s be real.. I doubt that muscles grew over my cheek bones! On top of it, skating is hard enough as it is, I definitely don’t need to carry 2 extra kilos.

With all that said, the issue has to be solved. Therefore, no more:
– Chocolate
– Candies
– Sugary cocktails

– Nuts
– Food pass 9:00pm

Wanna do the challenge with me? Awesome.

Wanna join our lovely morning workout crew as well? Even better! Here’s more information about the program we do every single morning before we go to work; 

*** This workout outfit makes me feel like I’m in a 1990’s movie & I love it!

On that note, have a nice day!

MP xoxo

Crédit photos: Vanessa Marx

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