Living the Dream in Spain for 2 Days!

I originally planned this trip just so I could get away from the rain & relax at the beach a little. Nothing crazy to remember or anything… But I was so wrong! As soon as I landed in Spain, I knew this was going to be epic. Amazing weather, never ending beaches, no disgusting mosquitoes,  beautiful people, good food, very nice architecture… What else can I ask for?

Once I got there, I took the first train leaving the airport & stopped to the first decent looking train station. I was actually in the middle of nowhere & that’s exactly what I was looking for. That way, I had a chance to have lunch in a real Spanish restaurant, with real Spanish people… No tourist around.
An hour later, I headed to the beach & soon enough, I was laying down in my swimsuit with my cocktail. I barely moved for several hours & enjoyed every single second of this peaceful setup.
Before going back to the airport on the second day, I stopped by the city, had a late lunch there & visited a few touristic attractions. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! And just like that, my trip was already over!

Interesting facts:

I am pretty sure you need to show an ID to fly between cities in Canada & anyone flying from Canada to the United States is considered as a potential terrorist. Meanwhile, I am a total foreigner here, but I managed to go through my whole travel itinerary without showing my passport to anyone… On top of it, the security didn’t even notice I had an apple & a big bottle of water in my bag… Really?

In any case, Barcelona is one of the prettiest cities I visited so far & I strongly recommend it!
Cheers, MP xoxo

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