Reality of a Showgirl


… the makeup situation …

  1. We look & feel fabulous when we have our show makeup on.
  2. We also look & feel fabulous when we have no makeup at all.
  3. After work, we tone it down a little & we go out. Not the other way around.

… a little fake …

  1. Lashes, hair, nails, eyebrows… Yes… We cheat a little.

… but the pain is real …

  1. Blistered feet, bruises, broken everything… & a beautiful smile…
  2. Workout & rehearsals for everyone until everything is perfect.

… perfection …

7. Showgirls chase perfection from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed, on & off the stage. #lifegoals

… the mental game …

8. Every single night… Lots of people watching, funny lights, heavy costumes, lots of pressure…It takes quite a lot of brainpower to perform over & over again without losing focus.

… traveling … normal …

9. Tours, contracts all over the world, visiting friends you met on a previous show… It becomes extremely natural to pack your luggage & go.

… my country is better than yours …

10. Because you have to be away from home to realize how great is your own country (especially when you are from Canada, eh).

… and when you put all of that together, you realize that you have to be a strong & independent woman to succeed & last in the show business industry!

MP xoxo

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