Canadian Winter: How to Survive in 15 Stylish Steps…

1213213Warm welcome to all the Americans in the process of moving to Canada!

The week has been pretty hectic with all the political debates, but realistically, there’s not much we can do… At the end of the day, I’m a figure skater / fashion designer & I find it challenging to vote in my own country. So, who am I to judge what’s going on in the States?

Anyway, going back to Canada. It really is the best country ever & carrying a Canadian passport is a real blessing, but the never ending cold season can be a bit exhausting…

Few ideas here to make it little more enjoyable;

  1. Sweaters, vests, hats, scarves… Not for style, but for comfort. Bonus point if they are cute.
  2. Many nice & warm jackets. Having a wide collection of winter coats can definitely help to break the Winter blues…
  3. Home workout. Because sweating while working out is almost like sweating by the beach…
  4. Good skin care. 
  5. Tanning lotion. Let’s be real… Everybody looks better with a little tan.
  6. Look at the weather forecast. An essential step to your daily routine to plan your outfit & evaluate the traffic.
  7. Wake up early. Because the forecast isn’t always right & it’s never fun to be a late…
  8. Cocooning projects. Scrap-booking, knitting, sewing, art of all kind… Let’s stay busy.
  9. Cocooning drinks. Starbucks, David’s Tea, Baileys & coffee, Red wine..
  10. Spa. So comfy!
  11. Ski. Snowshoes. Hike. An interesting way to workout…
  12. Play in the snow with the kids. So you can watch a movie while they sleep after…
  13. Skate outside. My personal favorite.
  14. Chalet week-ends. Because there’s nothing like chilling next to a fireplace in the middle of the forest…
  15. Christmas vibe. Because there’s nothing like a white Christmas!

On that note, have a lovely weekend!

MP xoxo

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