Comfort is Everything

15696850_10154866697844252_158774248_oTwo days ago, I stepped on something as I was skating backwards & I almost killed myself. No joke. As we speak, I have bruises on my left hand, my right knee & my left hip, not to mention that my back is extremely sore. I don’t even know how I manage to damage so many parts of my body in only one fall…

Anyway, after such an adventurous week, it just feels right to go home, shower, put on some comfy clothes & pour myself a glass of wine. However, as much as I love to be comfortable, I am in an hotel full of people that I know & visitors are to be expected at all times. I don’t really care about what people think, but you know how it is… At the end of the day, business is the main purpose of this trip & I am not willing to sacrifice the way I look because I am sore & tired… Am I weird?

I’ve been wearing a lot of Demande Générale clothes since I got here & I love every single piece I own. Combining comfort & style is the main goal of the brand & in all honesty, that’s all I need.

Here is the link of our backless sleep T. 

Good night everyone!

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