Traveling isn’t Always Easy…


My travel itinerary was originally 19 hours long. Can you believe that 40 hours later, I am still at the airport? Here is what happened;

  • SATURDAY 2PM -Tepic to Guadalajara – Bus(3h) Private driver

I was supposed to take a cab with 2 other performers from the hotel to the bus station, but they left without me… Once I realized they had done such a thing, I tried to get there on my own, but I didn’t have enough time & I missed the bus. Thankfully, my producer asked someone driving my all the way to the airport & I managed to get there on time. Yay!

  • SATURDAY 9PM – Guadalajara to Mexico City – Plane #1 (1h30) 
  • SUNDAY 2AM – Mexico City to New  York – Plane #2 (4h30)

At this point, I started to be suspicious about my last flight since there was some rumors about flights being cancelled in the States, but the AeroMexico girl was convinced that I had nothing to worry about…

Petite note: The guy sitting next to me in the plane was easily 6’2” / 300 pounds… Not. Fun.

  • SUNDAY 11AM – New York to Quebec – Plane #3 (1h30) Not happening, bye girl…

Cancelled flight because of the weather & as unbelievable as it can be, there was no more direct flight available before THURSDAY.

At this point… I have been awake for more than 24 hours, it’s -20 in NY, I am dressed like someone who just arrived from Mexico & my suitcase is obviously where there’s rainbows & unicorns…

So.. I took a deep breath, found an hotel, showered & slept. Once my mind was clear, I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with Delta & they managed to put me on the Monday morning flight to Quebec. 

The bright side of things? They will most probably give me some form of compensations for the terrible experience I had, meaning they might pay for the shopping I had to do to fight the ridiculously cold weather. Super yay! On top of that, I had a lovely night in New York, a city that I had never seen before. Finally, with a little bit of luck, my suitcase will be in Quebec when I get there in a few hours & I will be able to peacefully go home!

No matter what happen with the rest of my journey, it’s Monday now, meaning it’s time to work!

I wish you all a nice week!

MP xx

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