Love Story of a Showgirl… Easy?!

IMG_3135Showgirls do not have a boring love life, that’s for sure.

We built our whole career on the way we look… We live in this fantasy world where all eyes are on us, the adrenaline goes to the roof everyday & taking care of our own little person is a very important part of our job. On top of it, we travel, meet people from everywhere in the world, share unusual experiences… This might be the definition of living life to the fullest, but sometimes, it becomes kinda hard to separate show life & real life.

In addition to our exciting lifestyle, many of us also have the secret dream of building a normal life, get married, buy a house, have kids. To me, that’s where it gets complicated. After performing everywhere in the world, feeling wild & free, settling for a basic life is a very scary thing. As if it wasn’t enough, the international environment we live in often leads us into complicated multicultural love affairs… 

I was recently asked to collaborate with a lifestyle blog for men & I nicely declined the offer. I thought this type of writing wasn’t aligned with the brand I am trying to build. I mean… I spent my whole life in a very girly business, what do I know about men?

Thinking back, there might be a few things I would like to share with you boys, starting by the fact that ladies of my generation are a bit complicated. Speaking for myself, I feel sorry for the boys I dated in the past. I. Want. Everything. Show life, real life, liberty, commitment, peacefulness, wildness, crazy trips, lovely house, unusual career, millions of kids… How can someone keep up with that?

Someone once told me it is actually possible to have it all. Is it really?

To be continued…

((I never opened up that much on my blog & that also feels a bit scary… In fact, I hope no one will read this… Tschüss))

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