Packing Light? Yes, it’s Possible…

Lots of suitcases

Let’s be real. I don’t travel light. Ever. At least, that’s what I used to think. As much as I like my suitcase to be full of princess tools & clothes, I lately noticed that I also like to go around with all my life in one little bag. Weird, right?

I did a small experiment last week as I was away from home for 5 days. I tried to organized my life in a way that I could carry only one tiny handbag for the whole trip & surprisingly, it worked! In case it could be helpful to anyone, here is what was in there;

  • Clothes: 3 tops + Jeans + 3 dresses + Nice shoes + Lots of underwear
  • Princess tools: Hair brush + Small soap + Shampoo + Conditioner + Tooth paste + Tooth brush + Concealer + Foundation + Blush + Mascara + Black eyeliner + Lip liner + Lipstick + Few makeup brushes + Cream

It might sounds like a lot, but I can assure you that all those items can be very easily compressed in your smaller carry-on. In addition to that, I also had a small black purse for my wallet & I was wearing a warm black jacket as well as some classic black boots. I made sure that everything I had with me was working well with those 3 black things & honestly, I didn’t feel like my style was affected much by this light packing adventure. The only thing I forgot is a swimsuit, but to be fair, I didn’t know there was a pool at the hotel. Also to be fair, I was very happy to buy a new one!

Additional fact: Packing at the very last minute allowed me to know exactly what to expect weather wise. Just saying…

On that note, good luck packing for your next trip & have a wonderful day!

Marie xx

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