H&M Swimsuits are Insane!!!


I’ve never been a huge fan of H&M, but I must say they are on top of their game this season. As mentioned in the title of this post, the swimsuits collection is absolutely impeccable.

The shopping experience online is not quite there yet since they haven’t done any special editorial about it (still too early in the season), but the quality of the collection is real. The fits are great, the colors are vibrant and the mix & match possibilities are endless. As for the quality, from a technical point of view, the plain fabric they are using looks pretty good. I mean… It’s not one of the 7 wonders, but it’s not bad at all.

I was also happy to read this article about their green collection. Promoting this cute little thing is most probably a way to hush-hush all the damage they do with their huge business… but hey, it’s better then nothing. After all, they wouldn’t be producing so many pieces of clothes if there wasn’t so many people buying it.

Cheers! MP xx

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