The Art of Efficiency


Everybody’s different when it comes to scheduling & proficiency. Some people can work until ridiculous o’clock at night with a glass of wine, some others prefer to hit the gym at 6 in the morning & get to work right after…

I am not afraid to say that I am not the smartest, the prettiest or the most talented. Not at all. However, working hard has always been my biggest asset & I managed to go farther than a lot of very smart, pretty & talented people just because of my workaholic skill. As soon as I graduated from LaSalle College, I joined the early birds club as well as the wine club… Probably not a very healthy thing to do, but easily manageable considering I’ve always been extremely passionate by my career.

About a year ago, no matter how hard I was willing to work, I could no longer keep up with my responsibilities simply because I was running out of time. There’s only 24 hours in a day after all…

Ice skating & fashion design are the 2 things that I do. As we speak, I skate 18 ice shows a week, lead the design of a lounge wear collection, operate the startup of my own ice show business & run this blog to promote the whole thing. Sounds like a lot. Feels like a lot.

Soooooo, in order to make it work, I came up with a couple of life hacks to be more efficient. Since it was helpful for me, I wanna think it could be helpful for you too!


Not fun. But it has to happen. The earlier the better. Regardless of what happened the night before, I strongly believe that 7 is the perfect time to make yourself a coffee & set some goals. That part is not that simple when you are a freelancer & you can make up your own schedule, but you can’t expect to have a productive day if you start it all wrong.


I realized that I was getting distracted way too often by messages, emails & social medias. It does feel like work when I reply to someone on Instagram since I am trying real hard to grow my audience. However, it is not time effective at all to always stop what I am doing to check how many people liked my latest picture…

To avoid wasting time on stupid things like that, every morning as I plan my day & set my goals, I separate my schedule between the online & the offline work. Internet is essential for sending & researching things, but not essential at all when it comes to sketch clothes or write emails. As a result, the quality of what I do while I’m offline is higher because I am more focus + I get it done way faster. Perfect.


Being active is the solution to many problems. Working out gives me so much power, mentally just as much as physically. 18 shows a week might bit a little excessive & I will certainly not keep that pace forever, but my 10 years in the ice show has been hell of a life training.


Some people think a lot before making a decision… Some others are very spontaneous… To a different level, this factor also has an important impact on the optimization of your time in a day.

In the show, there’s no time for thinking. The tricks, the lights, the costumes, the props, the audience… No matter what’s going on, it has to be fast & seamless. In front of my computer, it’s the exact opposite… Like most people working in an office, I used to always take my sweet time to do everything perfect. When my schedule got crazy, I started to use my skating attitude in business & it was one of the best decision of my life. Overthinking is not very helpful anyway & most of the time, the first idea is the best idea.


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