Spring Fun!


122544The month of May is just so fun!!!

Officially 28… I can hardly believe that I’ve been an adult for 10 years already! I’m obviously very happy of everything I did over those years… The friendship I built, the career choices I made, the places I visited, the way I took care of my soul & my body… However, there’s so many things I want to do before I turn 30… I better hurry up!

Roncalli What a beautiful show! Live band, fantastic acrobats, sparkly costumes, 4 clowns, 7 horses… Perfect classic circus!

Cirque Bouffon Another beautiful thing! Simple costumes, small cast, small stage, small audience, but just as effective & impressive as the other show.

Ice Hockey World Championship… Cologne is hockey, it’s very fun & I’m looking forward to attempt my second game of the tournament tomorrow as Germany will play against Latvia!! Woot woot!

Tony Robbins… How great is this guy? Our brain is a very powerful tool, might as well use it as much as we can. Listening to his podcasts is definitely giving me a lot of energy, you should try!

Sparkly therapy… I’ve been wearing a LOT of glitters lately (makeup, clothes, nails…) & it makes me feel like a unicorn. Another thing you should try!

Summer is almost here… Finally, YAY! I must say it’s a real pleasure to write this blog post while enjoying the German sun!

On that note, have a lovely week everyone!

Marie xx

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