Like Your Mom!

Most people have to dress up to go to work every morning. Unfortunately …or fortunately for some people…dressing up in the morning isn’t a mandatory thing for showgirls. No matter how we look when we arrive at the ‘office’, in no time we have to take off our cute clothes, go crazy on makeup & start to sweat! In fact, it feels pretty good to wear sweatpants before & after that madness.

So, to make it a bit more interesting, about a month ago, the Phantasialand girls started an outfitting challenge. Every night, we were agreeing on what we were going to wear the next day. After a little while, we realized how fun that was & we decided to involve our mothers in the challenge.

Eva’s mom is in California, Lina’s mom is in Budapest, Michelle’s mom is in Florida, Hjordis’ mom is in Toronto, Katja’s mom is in Estonia & my mom is in Quebec… I have to say that it’s pretty cool to see all of them sending us pictures of what they wear every morning. Even Katja’s baby is on board!!!! 

More pictures to come…

Have a nice day!

Marie xxx

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