Black is the new Black

blackWearing black is always a good idea. We know that.

I must say that I had no intention to be cute when I slipped into that plain black dress this morning. In fact, I was feeling very sweaty & disgusting because of the heat… rushing between fashion work & skating practice… not a bad morning, but you know… not the best either…

Weirdly, as soon as I got to work, at least 3 people told me I looked good in that dress & the compliments kept going my way the whole day… Really?! We’re talking about an 8€ basic dress from Primark… The proof that sometimes, less is more!

Being honest, it made me realize how powerful the color black can be. Anyhow, it’s not because my dress was a bit boring that all the black outfits have to be boring! Here are a few cute pictures I found on Pinterest. It inspires me a lot, hope it will inspire you as well :)


Marie xx

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