Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Spirit!

Weight is a sensitive topic for most of us, especially in show business. Speaking for myself, the way I look on the ice has a direct impact on my paycheck & staying fit has been one of the biggest challenges of my career.

Here’s the story. Back to my competitive years, I was 115 pounds. By the time I finished my first tour, I was 128 & at some point in my early 20’s, I went all the way up to 140 pounds. Gaining 25 pounds was obviously not fun, especially that I was being weighed twice a month & I was not supposed to be over 130 pounds. To be fair, I was working out a lot at this time, so the weight I was putting on was not only fat but still… I honestly didn’t know what to do to fix this & my relationship with food became very funky.

After all this madness, a few years later, I started to work in an office & skating became more of a hobby/side job. Weirdly, the stress of being an adult kicked in & I started to melt like crazy. I felt like eating was optional since I was not as active anymore & after a few months of office work, I was 110 pounds. Was it any better? Not at all. I was for sure more comfortable in my body, but always tired & always sick. So annoying…

Eventually, being an adult wasn’t as stressful anymore & I slowly started to gain weight again. Soon enough, I was back to 130 pounds, but this time, muscles were out of the picture. I had a full power office shape! After working out so hard for so long, I could clearly feel that my body was weaker & it was so uncomfortable… Ouf…

And here we are now, 11 years later. Obviously, I’m not proud of all the peaks & valleys my body went through over these years. I am however happy to say that I finally found a way to balance my lifestyle. If only I could have figured that out earlier…

Facetune (4)Going to the gym early in the morning has definitely been a game changer for me. Working out 4 times a week at 7:00 am does not only change the way my body looks, it also changes the dynamic of my whole life. By 8:30, I am bright awake & ready to conquer the world! In addition to that, there’s no way I can train this much & skate 18 shows a week without eating properly. So, as a result, I am back to 115 pounds, more comfortable than ever on my skates & extremely focus on my business plan. Win win win!

It’s kinda crazy to think that I kept gaining weight while I doing everything I could to get skinnier, but I ended up losing 25 pounds while I was only trying to get stronger & healthier. Pssst… I will certainly not complain about it!

With all that said, because of the most recent changes my body went through, I had rework my skating skills a little, reason why I’m sharing this new skating video with you today.

I hope this story will inspire you a little to take better care of yourself because, in the end, our body is the most important thing we own.

PS: Please excuse my French xx


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