Time to Help!

IMG_8526This kid… last week… at the show…

4 years old, very pale, no hair, mask on, clearly exhausted… Seeing a smile on her face at the end of the show as she was taking pictures with us is the exact reason why I do this job. I had goosebumps all over my body.

I’ve been wanting to organize events to help the little angels like that & this was the kick in the butt I needed to make it happen. Life has always been good to me. Lovely family, fun job, great friends, health… Even if things are far from being perfect, I am pretty lucky to have what I have it’s about time I start to help those who don’t have that luck.

Before the end of the Phantasialand season, I would like to organize an evening including:

  • Sale of second-hand clothes & accessories … My friends & I have way too many clothes here in Germany, there’s no way we will be able to take all of it back home when the time comes. Selling some pieces for a great cause is certainly the best way to meet the luggage weight limit!
  • Cupcakes …Who doesn’t like cupcakes?
  • Cocktails …Who doesn’t like cocktails?
  • Beer & vodka … Just so we can get a bit of money from the Russian boys as well ;-)
  • Maybe a bit of entertainment …Why not? We’re all artists after all!

I tried to find a local cause, but I haven’t been very successful since I don’t speak German. About that, I’ve been in Germany for more than a year & I didn’t learn the language at all. Didn’t even try. Extremely low class, I know, and that’s another reason why I feel like doing something respectful for the community isn’t going to hurt…

So, German speaking people, I have a few questions for you! Which cause should we support? Where would be the best place to host that event? Do we need a special license to organize an activity like that? Anything else I should now?

Wanna give some clothes or accessories? Wanna help? Awesome! Please let me know & I will be more than happy to add you to the team.


Marie xx

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