Fila X Levi’s

levis t-shirtWhat’s up with those 2 brands?!

Since the Summer weather kicked in, they are everywhere! I’m not quite sure if the phenomenon is happening only in Germany, but I easily see 10 people per day wearing that Levi’s Jeans white t-shirt →

I can understand the popularity of their classic jeans collection since Gigi, Bella & Kendall have been promoting it quite a bit lately, but the white t-shirt? Interesting.

As of Fila, the brand was pretty popular in Canada when I was a kid, but it slowly faded out & most of the stores closed up about 15 years ago. I remembered the brand being super popular in South Korea when I was there 3 years ago, but I believe it’s only normal since the headquarter is located there. Now that Urban Outfitters & ASOS are carrying the collection, it feels like wearing Fila is cool again, at least in Germany.

What do you think about that?! xx


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