Fashion Vibes.

Facetune (7)New season, new wardrobe. That’s how it is.

What to buy? Well, layering is one of the biggest trends of the season & if you think about it a little, I’m sure you can create a million of looks just by playing with what’s already in your closet. That’s exactly what happened to that old blue dress I’m wearing today.

Mixing silky pieces & warm sweaters is also a great way to play that layering trend. Very convenient for me considering I was not supposed to stay in Germany for Winter & most of my German wardrobe is super summerish.

Furry things. Fun tights. Knee socks. Wooly chunky everything. Silk. Delicate jewelry. Leather goods. Black jeans. Neutral colors.

That’s what I would buy if I were you.

Online shopping? I love love love shopping online. It always feels a bit like a surprise to receive a package at work. About that, DG’s next collection will be available very soon. Yay!

Shopping? Not a big fan of crowds, but very thankfully, I don’t have a 9@5 job anymore & I get to do my errands with the 65+ during week days. If you have a chance to hit the stores any morning of the week, please do. Everything is perfectly folded, no lines, no stress… lots of space & inspiration just for you.

People who have been following me for a while must be thinking that I am not as focus on fashion as before since I am skating a lot, training a lot, blogging a lot. That’s very wrong. I read business of Fashion daily. Watch all the runways. Listen to a ton of podcasts. I might not wear stilettos every day anymore, but it’s only because sports shoes are trending… ;-)

For more ideas, check out my latest Pinterest board!

Bisou xxx


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