One Day in Belgium


Wow. I didn’t know Belgium was so interesting. Liège in particular.

Waffles, chocolate, wonderful beers, French fries… That’s all I knew about this country beforehand. I was kinda looking forward speaking French all day in a basic European city. No craziness at the agenda.

Surprise #1; The World Wars passed by this city. The damage is real. All the nicely designed old buildings are separated by quickly built basic apartments. Everything is so very brown. Since the original architecture was already dark & Gothic, the final result is very… dark. Pretty, but dark.

From what I understood, Liège was slapped in the face pretty seriously during the 1st World War. As they were trying to get back on their feet, 2nd World War happened & again… bam bam bam. Being right at the German border has it’s pros & cons…

The German influence is tangible on so many levels… even their French has a German feel.

English: please / thank you / you’re welcome
Qc/Fr French: s’il vous plaît / merci / bienvenue
German: bitte / danke / bitte
Be French: s’il vous plaît / merci / s’il vous plaît

Bières belges. Just kidding, I didn’t have any, but it was certainly the biggest challenge of my alcohol-free lifestyle. Belgian beers remind me of some amazing moments of my life, like… really really… but my health is not ready for that yet. Next time.

Chocolat. Gauffres. Frites. Oh yes. De-li-cious.

With all that said, I can’t wait to explore this country a little more. I liked what I saw, but I’m not sure it’s a good representation of the whole Belgian culture. To be continued…

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