Marie-Pier :: 27 :: Canada 
Skater. Designer. Traveler. Blogger.

We all have a story…

Skating has been the story of my life…

I did thousands of ice shows over the past 10 years & I am planning on skating for as long as my body can handle it. Princess, ballerina, sparkles, feathers… As girly as possible please!

Fashion is also my thing…

Not only because I love shopping, but also because I worked real hard to learn how the industry works. LaSalle College, Group Dynamite, Demande Générale… There is always a fashion project on the table to keep my chicky brain inspired!

Traveling comes naturally…

Because my skating contracts are always in different countries! Cuba, Mexico, 10 States, St-Martin, France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam & India are the places I’ve seen so far. 


Yeah, because even if I had to go against the wind a couple of times, I designed exactly the life I wanted & it makes me the happiest person on earth. Being happy is not that easy you know… So I wish my unusual lifestyle can inspire other people to chase their dreams & find happiness.

About dreams…

My goals are to adopt 10 kids from all over the world, own 5 properties by the time I’m 35 & get married sometime down the line… We’ll see how that goes…

Welcome into the life of a happy showgirl who handles business calls between practices!

Français / English

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