Spring Fun!


122544The month of May is just so fun!!!

Officially 28… I can hardly believe that I’ve been an adult for 10 years already! I’m obviously very happy of everything I did over those years… The friendship I built, the career choices I made, the places I visited, the way I took care of my soul & my body… However, there’s so many things I want to do before I turn 30… I better hurry up!

Roncalli What a beautiful show! Live band, fantastic acrobats, sparkly costumes, 4 clowns, 7 horses… Perfect classic circus!

Cirque Bouffon Another beautiful thing! Simple costumes, small cast, small stage, small audience, but just as effective & impressive as the other show.

Ice Hockey World Championship… Cologne is hockey, it’s very fun & I’m looking forward to attempt my second game of the tournament tomorrow as Germany will play against Latvia!! Woot woot!

Tony Robbins… How great is this guy? Our brain is a very powerful tool, might as well use it as much as we can. Listening to his podcasts is definitely giving me a lot of energy, you should try!

Sparkly therapy… I’ve been wearing a LOT of glitters lately (makeup, clothes, nails…) & it makes me feel like a unicorn. Another thing you should try!

Summer is almost here… Finally, YAY! I must say it’s a real pleasure to write this blog post while enjoying the German sun!

On that note, have a lovely week everyone!

Marie xx

Smart Phone, Smart Life, Smart Fashion…

Alexa, you’re so cool!

First of all, I need that!

Second, I wonder how the fashion industry feels about that. Analyzing trends is a fine art & I doubt a robot can do it all without any human support. However, if it really is possible, her opinion could become extremely valuable for the big players of the industry… $$$

Third, technology has changed a lot of things in our lives in the past few years & the evolution is not about to stop. Communication, navigation, entertainment, business… It affects everything & fashion isn’t left apart. Here is a lovely article on that topic!

Finally, if you like that kind of stuff, The Business of Fashion might be something you want to follow. There’s a looooooot of valuable information on that website.

Enjoy! xx

The Art of Efficiency


Everybody’s different when it comes to scheduling & proficiency. Some people can work until ridiculous o’clock at night with a glass of wine, some others prefer to hit the gym at 6 in the morning & get to work right after…

I am not afraid to say that I am not the smartest, the prettiest or the most talented. Not at all. However, working hard has always been my biggest asset & I managed to go farther than a lot of very smart, pretty & talented people just because of my workaholic skill. As soon as I graduated from LaSalle College, I joined the early birds club as well as the wine club… Probably not a very healthy thing to do, but easily manageable considering I’ve always been extremely passionate by my career.

About a year ago, no matter how hard I was willing to work, I could no longer keep up with my responsibilities simply because I was running out of time. There’s only 24 hours in a day after all…

Ice skating & fashion design are the 2 things that I do. As we speak, I skate 18 ice shows a week, lead the design of a lounge wear collection, operate the startup of my own ice show business & run this blog to promote the whole thing. Sounds like a lot. Feels like a lot.

Soooooo, in order to make it work, I came up with a couple of life hacks to be more efficient. Since it was helpful for me, I wanna think it could be helpful for you too!


Not fun. But it has to happen. The earlier the better. Regardless of what happened the night before, I strongly believe that 7 is the perfect time to make yourself a coffee & set some goals. That part is not that simple when you are a freelancer & you can make up your own schedule, but you can’t expect to have a productive day if you start it all wrong.


I realized that I was getting distracted way too often by messages, emails & social medias. It does feel like work when I reply to someone on Instagram since I am trying real hard to grow my audience. However, it is not time effective at all to always stop what I am doing to check how many people liked my latest picture…

To avoid wasting time on stupid things like that, every morning as I plan my day & set my goals, I separate my schedule between the online & the offline work. Internet is essential for sending & researching things, but not essential at all when it comes to sketch clothes or write emails. As a result, the quality of what I do while I’m offline is higher because I am more focus + I get it done way faster. Perfect.


Being active is the solution to many problems. Working out gives me so much power, mentally just as much as physically. 18 shows a week might bit a little excessive & I will certainly not keep that pace forever, but my 10 years in the ice show has been hell of a life training.


Some people think a lot before making a decision… Some others are very spontaneous… To a different level, this factor also has an important impact on the optimization of your time in a day.

In the show, there’s no time for thinking. The tricks, the lights, the costumes, the props, the audience… No matter what’s going on, it has to be fast & seamless. In front of my computer, it’s the exact opposite… Like most people working in an office, I used to always take my sweet time to do everything perfect. When my schedule got crazy, I started to use my skating attitude in business & it was one of the best decision of my life. Overthinking is not very helpful anyway & most of the time, the first idea is the best idea.


Gentleman… Less. Is. More.

the idle man

Dressing a man is not an easy operation. In my opinion, the line is pretty fine between being boring & being too much. Even if I spend most of my time researching & analyzing trends for woman, my interest for menswear is not any less important. Runways, new collections, editorials… I see it all and most of the time, I am not amazed…

Anyhow, I came across a British store called The Idle Man not that long ago & I was pretty impressed by the way they approach the whole fashion thing for men. If I was a boy, this store would for sure be my #1 shopping destination. Just saying…

PS: Very impressive to see how Francis Mayer made his way up in the menswear industry. Go Canada Go!

+++ Few more ideas here. Cheers!

En attendant l’été…

É T É . 2 0 1 7 . . .

Quoi mettre? Quoi garder? Quoi jeter? Quoi acheter?

Le bon maillot… Avec les spas qui fonctionne été comme hiver, le maillot est maintenant un item 4 saisons qui mérite une bonne dose d’amour. Comme je le mentionnais dans l’article précédent, H&M a revampé sa collection de maillot et le résultat est magnifique. Bon fit, beau look, bon prix. Hoaka swimwear est évidemment mon personal favorite en raison du parcours incroyable de la compagnie et de son marketing avantgardiste. Go Canada Go!

Jeans jeans jeans… Skinny leg, boyfriend fit, shorts, salopette, veste, chemise, robe… Tout fonctionne cette année quand vient le temps de parler de denim, surtout si le résultat final fait un peu année 90.

La rayure… Un investissement intelligent puisque tout item rayé pourra facilement passer de l’été à l’automne.

Les épaules à l’air… Toujours cute, non?

Le chapeau… Une belle façon d’ajouter une touche de soleil à votre garderobe et de cacher les cheveux couettés.

Quelles autres tendances prévoyez-vous porter la saison prochaine?!

Marie xxx

H&M Swimsuits are Insane!!!


I’ve never been a huge fan of H&M, but I must say they are on top of their game this season. As mentioned in the title of this post, the swimsuits collection is absolutely impeccable.

The shopping experience online is not quite there yet since they haven’t done any special editorial about it (still too early in the season), but the quality of the collection is real. The fits are great, the colors are vibrant and the mix & match possibilities are endless. As for the quality, from a technical point of view, the plain fabric they are using looks pretty good. I mean… It’s not one of the 7 wonders, but it’s not bad at all.

I was also happy to read this article about their green collection. Promoting this cute little thing is most probably a way to hush-hush all the damage they do with their huge business… but hey, it’s better then nothing. After all, they wouldn’t be producing so many pieces of clothes if there wasn’t so many people buying it.

Cheers! MP xx

Packing Light? Yes, it’s Possible…

Lots of suitcases

Let’s be real. I don’t travel light. Ever. At least, that’s what I used to think. As much as I like my suitcase to be full of princess tools & clothes, I lately noticed that I also like to go around with all my life in one little bag. Weird, right?

I did a small experiment last week as I was away from home for 5 days. I tried to organized my life in a way that I could carry only one tiny handbag for the whole trip & surprisingly, it worked! In case it could be helpful to anyone, here is what was in there;

  • Clothes: 3 tops + Jeans + 3 dresses + Nice shoes + Lots of underwear
  • Princess tools: Hair brush + Small soap + Shampoo + Conditioner + Tooth paste + Tooth brush + Concealer + Foundation + Blush + Mascara + Black eyeliner + Lip liner + Lipstick + Few makeup brushes + Cream

It might sounds like a lot, but I can assure you that all those items can be very easily compressed in your smaller carry-on. In addition to that, I also had a small black purse for my wallet & I was wearing a warm black jacket as well as some classic black boots. I made sure that everything I had with me was working well with those 3 black things & honestly, I didn’t feel like my style was affected much by this light packing adventure. The only thing I forgot is a swimsuit, but to be fair, I didn’t know there was a pool at the hotel. Also to be fair, I was very happy to buy a new one!

Additional fact: Packing at the very last minute allowed me to know exactly what to expect weather wise. Just saying…

On that note, good luck packing for your next trip & have a wonderful day!

Marie xx

Brühl, Bonn, Cologne, Euskirchen & Utrecht!


Déjà un mois en Europe… J’ai presque du mal à y croire! Brühl, le parc, le spectacle, mes pots… Tout est aussi cute et plaisant que l’an passé. Une chose est sûre, si les murs de notre maison pouvaient parler, ils en auraient sûrement long à dire… #gossip

Cologne est sincèrement l’une de mes villes préférées au monde, surtout que la météo est très clémente ces temps-ci. Les terrasses sont toujours bondées et les gens semblent vraiment apprécier chaque seconde d’ensoleillement. À propos d’Euskirchen, je connais seulement les magnifiques bains thermaux situés au beau milieu de nulle part, mais ça suffit. Un p’tit coin de paradis que j’ai déjà visité 2 fois depuis mon arrivée. Je ne suis pas la plus grande fan de la ville de Bonn, mais il fait bon d’y aller de temps en temps pour apprécier le calme qui règne sur le territoire.

Bien que toutes ces villes allemandes soient proches l’une de l’autre, chacune d’entre elles a sa propre identité, sa propre histoire. C’est beau à voir.

Finalement, j’ai eu la chance de surprendre mes amis qui patinent actuellement sur la tournée Believe de Holiday on Ice dans la ville d’Utrecht. Je n’avais jamais eu la chance de visiter cet endroit et j’ai adoré. Incroyable de voir les différences culturelles entre l’Allemagne et les Pays-Bas… La langue, les lois, l’ambiance, l’attitude des gens… Si proche, mais si différent…

Toutes ces escapades additionnées au fait que nous patinons presqu’à tous les jours et que je dois m’occuper de 2 entreprises font en sorte que le temps passe vraiment, vraiment vite.

Prochaine destination; Coblence. Cette ville allemande est située à 2 heures de la ville où j’habite et est reconnue pour ses châteaux et vignobles. J’vais aimer ça j’pense…

Tschüss byeeeee!

Marie xxx

Love Story of a Showgirl… Easy?!

IMG_3135Showgirls do not have a boring love life, that’s for sure.

We built our whole career on the way we look… We live in this fantasy world where all eyes are on us, the adrenaline goes to the roof everyday & taking care of our own little person is a very important part of our job. On top of it, we travel, meet people from everywhere in the world, share unusual experiences… This might be the definition of living life to the fullest, but sometimes, it becomes kinda hard to separate show life & real life.

In addition to our exciting lifestyle, many of us also have the secret dream of building a normal life, get married, buy a house, have kids. To me, that’s where it gets complicated. After performing everywhere in the world, feeling wild & free, settling for a basic life is a very scary thing. As if it wasn’t enough, the international environment we live in often leads us into complicated multicultural love affairs… 

I was recently asked to collaborate with a lifestyle blog for men & I nicely declined the offer. I thought this type of writing wasn’t aligned with the brand I am trying to build. I mean… I spent my whole life in a very girly business, what do I know about men?

Thinking back, there might be a few things I would like to share with you boys, starting by the fact that ladies of my generation are a bit complicated. Speaking for myself, I feel sorry for the boys I dated in the past. I. Want. Everything. Show life, real life, liberty, commitment, peacefulness, wildness, crazy trips, lovely house, unusual career, millions of kids… How can someone keep up with that?

Someone once told me it is actually possible to have it all. Is it really?

To be continued…

((I never opened up that much on my blog & that also feels a bit scary… In fact, I hope no one will read this… Tschüss))